Thinking about technology. Differently.


Thinking about technology. Differently.

The Baseline is where I help technologists think differently about the opportunities and effects of new technologies. If you ever make technology decisions, this content will be interesting to you.

I do this by writingresearching and in a podcast. What I'm working on is on the research pipeline. If you want to talk to me about anything, shout!

My background is hands-on technical and business working on the code all the way up to C-level. All my writing offers realistic thoughts about how to react to new technologies, with a long, pragmatic, practical view.

The research, surveys and data I'm gathering. Updated with new material and as projects start.

Getting into the weeds with experts. See upcoming episodes, areas I'm working on and subscribe.

Analysis (what just happened), predictions (what might happen) and frameworks (why did it all happen) about tech.

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